Eurotech were contacted by a new client to supply and install a contractual night vision (anti-piracy) CCTV system. This had to be engineered and installed within a 21 day period due contract commencement. We have broken down how this was completed below.

  • Day 1: Client approached Eurotech about engineering and installing system
  • Day 2: Eurotech carried out survey on vessel in UK port
  • Day 3: Eurotech supplied survey document and began the estimating progress
  • Day 4: Eurotech supplied available compliant systems for clients approval
  • Day 6: Eurotech carried out FAT with clients approved system at our facility
  • Day 7: Eurotech delivered the system, consumables and tools to clients shipping agent
  • Day 11: Eurotech mobilised Technicians and Engineers to Las Palmas to carry out the system set up and installation on the voyage to Africa
  • Day 20: Eurotech completion of system including commissioning, training, documentation package, 24hr system support
  • Day 21: Eurotech Technicians and Engineers depart vessel after system is approved by client

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