CAP 437 Helideck Lighting Systems

CAP 437 and Changes to Helideck Lighting Standards

You will be aware of recent changes to CAP 437 regarding helideck related lighting, in particular the new requirements for illuminating the Touchdown/Position Marking (aiming circle) and ‘H’ marking on helidecks. You may also be aware that the UK Civil Aviation Authority has written to the UK Helicopter Operators advising them that the new lighting standards should be implemented on offshore helidecks on the UKCS by 31st March 2018 after which date helidecks not fitted with the new lights will be considered unsuitable for night operations.

The purpose of this letter is to reiterate the implementation date of 31st March 2018 and request you to disseminate this letter to your members to ensure the widest possible distribution of the information and enable your members to start planning.

Oil & Gas (UK) have set up a workgroup to look at the most suitable fixing methods for existing helidecks on the UKCS and will share this information through their normal channels. Other duty holders, not members of OGUK, will need to carry out an appraisal of their helidecks to establish what fixing mechanism(s) they require and discuss this with their lighting supplier to ensure compatibility of lights and fixing method. Duty Holders with ‘new-build’ projects underway may wish to notify their project teams to ensure the new lights are fitted in the shipyard, as this will be much easier than retro-fitting the lights later offshore.

We anticipate that most installations will undergo at least two helideck inspections before the March 2018 implementation date. It is our intention therefore, to note the requirement on the inspection report as a finding and require duty holders to acknowledge the finding and confirm action is in hand to meet the implementation date.

Should you require any further information regarding the new lighting standards please do not hesitate to contact us and we shall endeavour to help all we can.