Elect Sup & Electricians – Las Palmas on the West Polaris for Hidramar/tenerife shipyards Ex surveys & repairs and projects works
Electricians on the Transocean Leader for Satcom Global – installation ESD
Electricians due to the Elgin for Instrumentation installation for Tierney & Strachan
Electricians on the Stena Don – Nav AIds Installation
Electrician on the Noble Lloyd Noble carrying out Ex Surveys/Repairs
Elect Sup 6 x Electricians – Project works on Safe Caledonia during OOS period in Scope – recently completed in conjunction with Houlder
Elect Sup 2 x Electricians – Trace Heating and Motor repairs on the West Hercules to Mobilise next week
Electrician July for the Noble Lloyd Noble for UPS upgrades
Instrument technician/Standin OIM on Longterm hire to EOG on the conwy
Elect Sup 4 x Electricians – Grangemouth – Gas Detection upgrade installation
Sup & Elect – Monitor Systems recently completed RMS/DCS upgrade on ocean valiant
planned work Ex Survey with Transocean,
planned work CCTV, PAGA, PBX installation of Seawell for Heliix
planned work – Sam Hartley – Contract ready for total
planned work – Sam Hartley – Ex Survey
planned work – Stena Spey – BOP installation to be completed.
planned work – Noble hans Duel – Ex remedial repairs
planned work – West Gemini – Ex remedial repairs

To apply, please send your CV to info@eurotechuk.com